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2010 Bordeaux: Quest for Values in Another Excellent Vintage

So given the rarefied prices for the wines presented here, does their quality and the drinking experience justify them? That’s not normally a question I ask at a high end wine tasting, but the highly attuned market mentality of Bordeaux requires one, I believe, to look at these products through that prism, more so than in the case of other regions’ wines. In other words, when it comes to evaluating Bordeaux these days, I find I have to rely not only on my sensory evaluation and tasting notes, but also spreadsheets I populate with market prices, my scores and my own specially designed logarithm for quantifying price to value ratios. Continue reading

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Chilean Wines: Good Values, High Ambitions

Chile has been a strong source of value priced wines since the late 1980s. It is now the world’s ninth largest producer of wine—ahead of both Germany and Portugal–and the fourth biggest source of wine imports to the U.S. after France, Italy and Australia. The Chilean wine industry has higher ambitions, however, than just being known for good values. In 2010, they adopted a detailed strategic plan, Plan 2020, aiming to become the leading source of premium quality New World wines by the year 2020.
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2013 Update/Cabernet Value Recommendation

This holiday blindtasting brought home for me even further what a great value the Ridge Santa Cruz Mountains Estate is for a high quality Bordeaux blend. It is designed to be drinkable much earlier than the Monte Bello, and it is somewhat ageworthy but will not go decades like the Monte Bello. Continue reading

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