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Thanksgiving with the Mondavis: A Family Reunited and its Rich Legacy

My intense and delightful immersion with the extended Mondavi family—i.e., nearly all the descendants of Cesare and Rosa Mondavi, including the children and most of the grandchildren of both Robert and Peter Mondavi, Sr.—commenced this past Friday with a late afternoon visit to the Continuum vineyard on Pritchard Hill followed by a Thanksgiving themed dinner at the newly finished winery there. Continue reading

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Holiday Champagne Buyer’s Guide 2013

I have aimed to emulate John by having a glass of Champagne at least a couple times of week, especially after a trying day. I have to report that it works. It’s a mood lifter and a palate cleanser. It’s hard not to be reminded of all that’s wonderful about life after indulging in a single glass of Champagne as a start to the evening. And Champagne keeps beautifully once you’ve poured out a single glass, better than any other wine I can think of. Continue reading

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What Makes Champagne Special? A Brief History

There is, of course, a strong drive for higher quality and improvements in viticulture and winemaking throughout the world. It is hard to think of any wine region, however, where this has been more of a constant focus since 1950 and where the financial benefits of such a laser focus on quality have been better demonstrated than in Champagne. Continue reading

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