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Rock Star Champagne Grower-Producers: Serge Mathieu and Chartogne-Taillet

Two stars of my Holiday Champagne Buyers Guide this year–Serge Mathieu and Chartogne-Taillet–are grower-producers whose wines express a sense of place. Both are also terrific values amongst my most highly rated Champagnes this year. Continue reading

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In the Spirit of the Season: Charity and Vintage Port

With Christmas less than a week away, this post brings together two topics I associate with this time of year: charity, and the delicious, complex, fortified wine called Port. Continue reading

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Jon Bonné’s The New California Wine: Worthy Effort Despite Simplistic Polemics

In sum although I disagree with Jon about the reasons behind recent changes in predominant styles of California, and frankly groaned in reaction to a polemic that, to me, amounts more to name calling than any demonstration of cause and effect, I think Jon tells the stories of individual winemakers and appellations in a very compelling way. I therefore recommend the book to those of us who love California wine and who are interested in some of the more interesting wines being made these days. Continue reading

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Elegance and Finesse: The Champagnes of Taittinger

François’s winemaker, or chef des caves, was Roger Lénique. Together they established the Taittinger style, using only high quality first pressings of fruit, adding a dosage based only on mature Champagne instead of brandies, and producing only fully dry Champagnes, noted for their elegance and delicacy. To this day, all of the wines also go through malolactic, which gives them roundness and creamy texture. Continue reading

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