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The Advantages of Lowering the U.S. Drinking Age

So why does the U.S. (along with several Muslim countries) have the world’s highest drinking age–21? Why can one get married, serve in the military and drive in the U.S. years before one can legally drink? Does it make any sense that our soldiers serving abroad who are less than 21 can’t legally drink when their comrades from other countries can? Wouldn’t it make more sense for us to lower the drinking age so young people can learn to drink moderately and responsibly from their families and role models while growing up? Continue reading

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Try Before You Buy: San Francisco Bay Area Wine Tastings

Here in the San Francisco Bay area we are blessed with many opportunities to taste and find out what we like before we buy. In my view, the single best resource both for wine newbies and those looking to deepen their knowledge of different types of wine are the neighborhood wine retailers that offer regular tastings. Continue reading

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Wine Critics and Other Wine Information Sources

This month’s IntoWineTV episode discusses the relative value of critics, sommeliers and other sources of information about wine, like CellarTracker. Continue reading

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Five Tips for Maximum Wine Enjoyment

By following these five simple tips, I guarantee you will get more enjoyment out of your next glass of wine. And I, for one, believe that’s what wine is there for—to be enjoyed, as well as to add to our enjoyment of a meal or special moment. As Benjamin Franklin so wisely wrote in his 1779 letter to the Abbé Morellet, wine is “a constant proof that God loves us, and loves to see us happy.” We owe it to this divine gift to make sure we do what we can to enjoy it to its full potential. Continue reading

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What Style of Wine Appeals to You? How to Begin Navigating the World of Wine

Once you start to have some words of your own that help you explain what it is you like about some wines you’ve tried, you now have the ammunition to start communicating with the very helpful and knowledgeable staff people who work at your local wine stores and wine-oriented restaurants—places that specialize in sourcing particularly good wines from top producers. Continue reading

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