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Stunning 2010 Burgundies: Frederick Wildman Tasting

There’s been a lot of buzz about Burgundy’s 2010 vintage as a very special year for both whites and reds, following on the already much ballyhooed 2009 vintage. This annual trade tasting through Frederick Wildman’s Burgundy producers was my first opportunity to sample a range of 2010s. I was very impressed. Continue reading

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2009 Burgundy from Frederick Wildman: Faiveley, Jacques Prieur, Christian Moreau, Olivier Leflaive

I have been really enjoying Domaine Faiveley’s richer, earlier accessible wines under Erwan Faiveley’s regime, starting with the ’06 vintage, and really showing in ’07, with renovations to the cellars and changes in vinification under General Manager Bernard Hervet. For more background on the changes at Faiveley, see my 2009 report here: Still, I wasn’t prepared for what knockouts some of these ’09 Faiveley Premier and Grand Crus proved to be. The ’09 Corton-Clos des Cortons Faiveley and Chambertin-Clos de Bèze, which I got to sample both at this tasting and the night before with Web, are two of the greatest red Burgundies I’ve ever tasted. Awesome job, from what appears to be a terrific vintage for red Burgundy! Continue reading

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More 2009 Beaujolais: a dozen blindtasted

This was another fascinating look at this much ballyhooed vintage for Beaujolas–this time a dozen bottlings, in a blindtasting format–mainly cru Beaujolais, and one villages. The cru Beaujolais came from five of Beaujolais’s 10 crus–from the lighter, often floral, Fleuries and Côte de Brouillys, to some of the biggest and most powerful Morgons. There was much to like in this lineup, although a few of them really didn’t taste at all like Beaujolais, as noted below. It’s interesting to see where very ripe and concentrated Gamay goes on the taste spectrum in a year with perfect growing conditions like ’09 from some of these more idiosyncratic makers: i.e., to something more like ripe Grenache, or a big Gigondas, or even Cali Pinot, in one case. Continue reading

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