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Jon Bonné’s The New California Wine: Worthy Effort Despite Simplistic Polemics

In sum although I disagree with Jon about the reasons behind recent changes in predominant styles of California, and frankly groaned in reaction to a polemic that, to me, amounts more to name calling than any demonstration of cause and effect, I think Jon tells the stories of individual winemakers and appellations in a very compelling way. I therefore recommend the book to those of us who love California wine and who are interested in some of the more interesting wines being made these days. Continue reading

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Book Review: Expanded 2nd Edition of Noël Cossart’s Madeira: The Island Vineyard

I just received a copy yesterday of the expanded second edition of one of my all-time favorite wine books, Noël Cossart’s Madeira: The Island Vineyard. This second edition contains new material by Emanuel Berk, including a lengthy new introduction and several new, informative appendices. Continue reading

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Book Review: The Châteauneuf-du-Pape Wine Book by Harry Karis

This book is a great looking, beautifully designed, fact-filled labor of love by Harry Karis and his son, photographer and graphic designer Phil Karis. I give Harry and Phil major kudos for their all-out effort, and the way in which the layout and graphics make it possible to find what you’re looking for very quickly. I particularly love the detailed, easy-to-read maps of the vineyards and lieu dits, and the wonderful pictures, that document the winemakers, winemaking families, production and cellaring facilities. Harry and Phil have done an excellent job in bringing together a huge amount of information and facts about this fascinating region in an easily accessible and attractive package. Continue reading

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Review of Allen Meadows’s The Pearl of the Côte, the Great Wines of Vosne-Romanée

I finished this big book feeling I had spent a long time in the company of a wise and knowledgable author, with a great sense of perspective. Ten years ago, he says, he quit his job meaning to write a book on Burgundy. Instead he founded the Burgundy enthusiast’s indispensible quarterly, Burghound. If this is the book he meant to write, it’s been worth the wait. Continue reading

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