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New Direct-to-Consumer Channel for Top European Wines: VinConnect

I’m very excited at this new option for U.S. wine lovers to buy direct from some of Europe’s greatest. I also think Kevin and his team have done an admirable job in setting up a model that’s as transparent, and simply aimed at connecting producers with their U.S. fans, as possible. Continue reading

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Understanding Burgundy: Birthplace of “Terroir”

The vineyards of Burgundy are the world’s most long and carefully studied. This study gave rise to the concept of “terroir.” They’re also the source of the world’s most cherished and imitated wines. Continue reading

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2012 La Paulée de San Francisco Burgundy Grand Tasting

Because the offerings were dominated by the delicious 2009 vintage and so many excellent producers, many of whom were pouring wines from their top appellations, there was truly an abundance of great wines at this event. Producers responsible for one or more wines that I rated 94 points or higher were Ballot-Millot, Bonneau du Martray, François Carillon, Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey, Faiveley, Fourrier, Michel Lafarge, Comtes Lafon, Ponsot and La Pousse d’Or. Continue reading

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Stunning 2010 Burgundies: Frederick Wildman Tasting

There’s been a lot of buzz about Burgundy’s 2010 vintage as a very special year for both whites and reds, following on the already much ballyhooed 2009 vintage. This annual trade tasting through Frederick Wildman’s Burgundy producers was my first opportunity to sample a range of 2010s. I was very impressed. Continue reading

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My Top 15 Wines in 2011

So what were my top wines of the year? Out of over 6,750 wines tasted, I rated 15 at 97 points or higher. This year’s list is much more geographically spread out than last year’s, but does reveal my continuing obsession with old Barolos, which comprise five of my top 15 wines. After Barolo comes Burgundy, with three wines—two whites and one red. The remaining seven wines are one each from Bordeaux, California, Champagne, the Rhone, Sauternes, Spain and Port. Mmmm, sounds like a delicious lineup for a dinner. Continue reading

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2011 Wine & Spirits Top 100 Tasting: Highs and Lows

This is an event I look forward to every year, even if I’ve ragged a bit on the opacity of the selection criteria in the past. There’s always an eclectic group of producers ranging from the very well known and perpetually excellent to the less well known and only occasionally excellent, or at least aspiring to excellence. There’s enough of each to keep it interesting. There’s also always great food on hand. This year’s venue, the Metreon, had its pluses and minuses. The view from the Metreon balcony is one of the best in San Francisco, so the outdoor, balcony part of the event, especially given the beautiful weather conditions, proved to be a scenic and inspiring place to taste wine. The indoor part, on the other hand, especially after dark, tended to be gloomy, cavernous and more than a little depressing. Continue reading

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Mature Burgundies and Bordeaux at Gravity Wine Bar; Upcoming Donato Enoteca Italian Winetasting

Is there a better way to spend a Tuesday evening than sharing Burgundy and Bordeaux from great years with old buddies? I don’t think so. In honor of one of peripatetic, legendary wine offline host Jonathan Dinh’s rare visits our way these days, since he moved to Singapore a couple years ago, we gathered at Gravity for good food and some stellar wines from specific years. The Burgs hailed from the great Burgundy vintages of 1978, 1985, 1990, 1993 and 1996 (okay, so a ’91 crept in there too). The Bordeaux were products of the incredible years 1982 and 1989. And our lone Super Tuscan, which turned out to be my WOTN, was a 1993 Tignanello. Yeah, a memorable Tuesday alright. Continue reading

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