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Stunning 2010 Burgundies: Frederick Wildman Tasting

There’s been a lot of buzz about Burgundy’s 2010 vintage as a very special year for both whites and reds, following on the already much ballyhooed 2009 vintage. This annual trade tasting through Frederick Wildman’s Burgundy producers was my first opportunity to sample a range of 2010s. I was very impressed. Continue reading

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50-year-old Wines at the 5th Floor to Celebrate a 5th Decade

We celebrated Sandy’s fifth decade at the Fifth Floor with a special menu that Executive Chef David Bazirgan came up with to pair with our wines. The food was creative and outstanding. Our wines were very good overall, and nothing was corked or faulty. As 1961 was not only a good year for people, but also an excellent year in Bordeaux, Barolo and Chateauneuf-du-Pape, it was a treat to have a bottle of that vintage from each of those appellations, all of which were in remarkably good shape. In short, it was a memorable night, and a great celebration. Continue reading

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All-Chablis Lunch: Raveneau, Fèvre and Brocard

I love minerally white wines. They are refreshing and delicious on their own, and the perfect accompaniment to a summer meal. The king of minerally white wines is Chablis, at least top premier cru and grand cru Chablises. I was therefore very excited about our monthly Euro lunch this month, with the theme of Chablis from some of Chablis’s great producers. And the king of kings when it comes to minerally white wines is the top grand cru of Chablis, Les Clos. Five of the 13 Chablises we sampled at this lunch were from the Les Clos Grand Cru. Continue reading

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A New Voice in Chablis: Patrick Piuze

Patrick Piuze is a new negociant producer in Chablis who has received quite a bit of media attention already even though he’s only produced two vintages so far. He also has major international distribution already–in the U.S., Hong Kong and elsewhere–which is impressive for a new operation like this. Arlequin Wine Merchant hosted a tasting with Patrick recently, and since I’m a Chablis lover, and very interested in the newer producers that have been popping up in Chablis in the last several years, I made it a point to attend. Continue reading

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Raveneau Chablis Montée de Tonnerre Vertical

Montée de Tonnerre is consistently cited as the top premier cru vineyard in Chablis. Like the other two top Chablis premier crus, Fourchaume and Mont de Milieu, it lies on the right bank of the Serien, immediately southeast of the Grand Crus, sharing their southwest facing orientation. It is separated from the Grand Cru Les Blanchots Vineyard by a narrow ravine. It is a large vineyard, at 40.22 hectares. Many critics agree that, in the hands of the Raveneaus, Montée de Tonnerre is as good as the Grand Crus of most other producers. Continue reading

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Recent vintages from Chablis stars: Raveneau, Dauvissat, Fèvre

A good place to get a sense of the new vintages of Chablis are the tastings that Vin Vino Wine in Palo Alto usually does once or twice a year. For this one, we sampled two of Chablis’s Grand Crus–Les Clos and Les Preuses–while the rest were premier crus. We had two each from my favorite producers–Raveneau, Dauvissat and Fèvre–and two from Louis Michel, who uses exclusively stainless steel for fermentation and elevage, and whose wines in this tasting were dominated by reduction. Continue reading

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Craig Haserot’s Malconsorts Themed Round Robin Dinner

When is too much of a good thing just too much? As it turns out, when it’s one of the top Burgundy Premier Cru and 13 blinded bottles of it in a row (along with some attempts at California ringers), turn into a monochromatic blur over the course of a long meal. Continue reading

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