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Selection Massale: New Importer of Natural Wines from Overlooked Places

Selection Massale is a wine import company based in the Oakland area. The principals are Cory Cartwright and Guilhaume Gerard, who originally met when both worked at San Francisco’s Terroir Natural Wine Merchant and Bar, where Guilhaume was a partner. They launched their new company last year, and it took months to get the licenses needed to bring their wines in through San Francisco’s port, but they’re fully in business now. The focus of their efforts is small, traditional producers, many of whom fall into the growing “natural” or “authentic” wine category. Most of their producers so far are in France–the Loire, Savoie, the Languedoc, Chablis–but they’ve also brought in some Sherries and Canary Island wine. Continue reading

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Superb Summer Treats: Non-Champagne European Sparkling Wines

The summery theme for our July Euro Lunch was sparkling wines from throughout Europe with the exception of Champagne. We excluded Champagne so as to give more focus to our theme, and to afford ourselves the opportunity to taste and compare some of the wonderful Cavas, sparkling Loire and Jura wines, and fizzy Italians that are out there, among others. As usual, our chef at Donato, Pedro Ayala, did an outstanding job of pairing very creative dishes to our wines. The result was a delightful summer afternoon of bubbles and flavor that made me thankful for the felicitous combo of summer weather and sparkling wine, as well as for wonderful wine-loving friends to enjoy them with.
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The Mellowness Inducing Wines of the Jura

The combination of the wines, well matched food courses from Donato chef Pedro Ayala and the excellent company generated in me a very distinct feeling of mellowness and well being. I’m not sure in what precise measure the wines of the Jura contributed to this feeling; I guess I’ll have to repeat the “experiment” a few more times, changing a variable or two, to get a better fix on that. I do think, however, that there is something particularly mellow and endearing about the traditional wines of the Jura that can’t help but make people drinking these wines over a lovely meal feel quite mellow and charmed themselves. Continue reading

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Jura Tasting with San Francisco WSET Tasting Group

This was a fascinating tasting of five of the prominent types of Jura wines: sparkling (Crémant du Jura), Poulsard (red varietal found virtually only in this region), Trousseau (another red varietal), oxidative whites and Vin Jaune. Continue reading

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