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Grocery Store Chardonnay Project

Findings include:
• Very drinkable (86 to 87 point) wines can be obtained for as low as $7-9
• While high QPR (quality price ratio) wines can be found at virtually all price points, the highest rated wines (92 and 91+ points) can be found at the $15-20, $20-25 and $30-and-above price ranges
• The $26-30 range contains surprisingly few highly rated wines
• Three U.S. wine firms are responsible for nearly 17% of these wines, and the top eight wine firms own over 37% of these labels
• Nearly 16% of these grocery store Chardonnays exhibited relatively high residual sugar (sweetness)
• Less than 14% of these wines were bottled under screwcap
• 6% of the wines were affected by TCA and/or oxidation Continue reading

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The Advantages of Lowering the U.S. Drinking Age

So why does the U.S. (along with several Muslim countries) have the world’s highest drinking age–21? Why can one get married, serve in the military and drive in the U.S. years before one can legally drink? Does it make any sense that our soldiers serving abroad who are less than 21 can’t legally drink when their comrades from other countries can? Wouldn’t it make more sense for us to lower the drinking age so young people can learn to drink moderately and responsibly from their families and role models while growing up? Continue reading

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America’s Antiquated Wine Distribution System

This month’s IntoWineTV episode discusses the byzantine legal restrictions on wines sales in many states in the U.S. that prevent consumers from getting access to many wines, and to getting the best possible prices on wines. These laws also prevent wineries from access to a great many potential markets in this country. Continue reading

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