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50-year-old Wines at the 5th Floor to Celebrate a 5th Decade

We celebrated Sandy’s fifth decade at the Fifth Floor with a special menu that Executive Chef David Bazirgan came up with to pair with our wines. The food was creative and outstanding. Our wines were very good overall, and nothing was corked or faulty. As 1961 was not only a good year for people, but also an excellent year in Bordeaux, Barolo and Chateauneuf-du-Pape, it was a treat to have a bottle of that vintage from each of those appellations, all of which were in remarkably good shape. In short, it was a memorable night, and a great celebration. Continue reading

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2010 Vintage Germany and Austria: Terry Theise & WineWise/The Vienna Wine Company Trade Tasting

Besides the high extract levels and high acidity, another feature of this vintage, for me, is the floral character of the noses of many of these 2010s, which I found quite appealing. I think if one chooses carefully, one can find some really good wines from this vintage that should age quite beautifully. My favorite wines in this tasting came from not only some of my usual favorites–Dönnhoff, Joh. Jos. Christoffel, Hiedler, and Selbach-Oster–but also from a number of producers I’m less familiar with: Hexamer, Jakoby-Mathy, Kruger-Rumpf, Meulenhof and Setzer. Continue reading

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Most Memorable Meal of 2010: Manresa Restaurant

Once in awhile everything comes together for a memorable culinary moment that deserves to be immortalized. In this case, great friends, good wines and awesome food came together for this pre-Thanksgiving dinner, turning it into my most memorable meal of the year. Manresa’s David Kinch is the best chef in the Bay Area, and Manresa Wine Director Jeff Bareilles is the most talented wine director in the Bay Area. It’s fair to say, then, that Manresa is the Bay Area’s best restaurant, and I’ve had numerous fabulous dinners there that would bear that out. This dinner, with a couple of dear friends up from Los Angeles, was the most fabulous yet. Instead of ordering off the menu, we turned the menu over to David, who prepared a series of amuses and dishes for us, while Jeff found wines to match from among the wines we brought, as well as including a couple from Manresa’s list. Continue reading

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2009 German Wines: Müller-Catoir, A.J. Adam

This was a tasting of 2009 vintage wines from two very interesting but quite different German producers: the long established southern German producer Müller-Catoir, and a very young, new producer in the Mosel, A. J. Adam. Continue reading

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2009 Hiedler Grüners and Rieslings

I was very impressed by the Hiedler wines I tasted at Vin Vino last week. This tasting was further evidence of the excellent quality of the ’09 vintage in Germany and Austria in general, and of the good results (and generally good values) coming from this producer in particular. These are dense and complex Grüners and Rieslings that are juicy and tasty now, but that should also reward five to ten years of aging, especially in the case of the Rieslings. Continue reading

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Zind-Humbrecht ’05s and ’06s: Premox and other concerns

This was a troublesome tasting. I’ve had numerous delicious, concentrated Zind-Humbrecht SGNs and Vendage Tardives over the years, which have aged well. I’ve also had a lot of semi-dry Zind-Humbrechts that aged well. Nonetheless, in this tasting, over two days, of 14 recent vintage Z-H Muscats, Gewurzes, Rieslings and Pinot Grises, at least six were showing signs of premature oxidation, and only a couple of them were really superior examples of the region and style. in searches since this tasting, I’ve seen several notes from others referring to premox problems with Zind-Humbrechts in the past several years. Is there something going on with this estate, much like so many white Burgundy producers, that we need to worry about? Continue reading

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In Praise of Riesling: More Fun with CellarTracker

No white wine varietal gives me more reliable pleasure than Riesling. In the hands of virtually all good German, Alsatian and Austrian winemakers, the varietal produces just what I want out of wine: balance, relative lightness, purity of fruit, refreshing acidity, and a great accompaniment to many foods. It is also one of the most affordable great wines, with wonderful examples from Germany running as low as $20 to $25 a bottle. Continue reading

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