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Bodegas Riojanas Rioja Monte Real Vertical

Tempranillo from excellent vineyards and good vintages like the Bodegas Riojanas Monte Reals can go forever, retaining a lot of their delicious fruit for several decades, but putting on wonderful secondary and tertiary flavors of tobacco, mushroom and cigar box as well. Continue reading

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Delicious Wine & Food Travel? Visit Rioja

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip this past summer to one of Spain’s oldest and most renowned wine regions, Rioja. The scenery in this vast river valley in northeastern Spain is entrancing, ringed by picturesque mountain ranges and filled with vineyards and medieval hilltop towns. The locally grown food stuffs and meals are super fresh and top notch. The wines are delicious and full of history and interest. And the people could not be more gracious. I am dying to go back, and I encourage fellow lovers of food and wine to consider prioritizing Rioja as a delicious and delightful vacation destination. Continue reading

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Rioja Gems Part V: La Rioja Alta

La Rioja Alta is one of Rioja’s largest and most consistent traditional style producers. They produce about three million bottles a year, and are well represented in America by several distributors, so their wines are among the easiest of the traditional Rioja producers to get your hands on. Continue reading

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Fully Mature Reds at Reasonable Prices? Think Rioja

There is one last value area remaining for those of us looking for our aged red wine fix without having to pay exorbitant prices. A region that has long made high quality, ageworthy wines that, with a few decades on them, are very reminiscent of fine old Barolos and Bordeaux is Rioja—Spain’s illustrious red wine producing region. Continue reading

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Rioja Gems Part IV: Contrasting Modernists

In sum, there is much to be said for flavorful, complex, modern Riojas, especially if they have a sense of place and taste like spicy, delicious, Tempranillo-based wine. When their winemaker is also a delightful human being and his well made wines represent an excellent value, I can’t recommend them highly enough. Continue reading

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Rioja Gems Part III: Hugely Successful Innovator

This week, it’s my pleasure to relate the details of a visit to two of the winery properties owned by one of Rioja’s reigning winemaking families—the highly successful Egurens. Continue reading

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Rioja Gems Part II: Family and Tradition

The Peciñas have been growing grapes in Rioja for five generations, but only started making their own wines in 1992. They are not widely known yet, but they’re making terrific wines, in a very traditional style, that deserve greater recognition. Continue reading

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