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Update; Food Pairing & Value Recommendation Links

I am tied up in intense labor negotiations for another week or so. In the meantime, In the meantime, I thought you might be interested in 20 wine recommendation pieces I’ve written for which include both food pairing suggestions as well as some wines I think are great values. Continue reading

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Hollywood & Vine? The Latest in Wine Themed Movies

Wine-themed movies used to be few and far between. Indeed, the topic of fine wine was thought to be box office poison prior to the success of “Sideways” in 2004. Fortunately for us wine lovers, major independent and documentary film distributor First Run Features has been taking on more such titles for theatrical and/or home video distribution. In just the last few months, First Run has released three wine-themed movies.
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Wine Critics and Other Wine Information Sources

This month’s IntoWineTV episode discusses the relative value of critics, sommeliers and other sources of information about wine, like CellarTracker. Continue reading

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Panel Discussion on Increasing Alcohol Level of Wines

In this segment, Bartolomew Broadbent, wine and travel writer Michael Cervin and I talk with host Lisa Kolenda about the phenomenon of increasing alcohol levels in wine today, and where this may be headed. Continue reading

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