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Profile of Antonio Galloni &

With his reputation as a wine writer and critic already firmly established, Antonio has set his sights on nothing less than raising the bar on wine media. Given the results so far, and knowing how hard Antonio works, I have no doubt that Antonio will be a leading voice in the world of wine for decades to come. Continue reading

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Lion in Winter: Robert Parker Addresses Wine Writers

As to Parker’s continued diatribe against orange, “natural” and low alcohol wines, I could go on at length, and other of my esteemed wine writer colleagues already have (e.g., Alder Yarrow and Eric Asimov). In sum, though, for Parker to follow his broad over generalizations and unfair blasts at producers and writers with a call for greater collegiality on the part of wine writers struck me as more than a little disingenuous. If that’s what Parker wants to see on the part of the wine writing community, I think he needs to learn to practice a little more thoughtful moderation of his own comments. Continue reading

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Wine Critics and Other Wine Information Sources

This month’s IntoWineTV episode discusses the relative value of critics, sommeliers and other sources of information about wine, like CellarTracker. Continue reading

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The Wine Tasting Note: Its Role and Value

In sum, I don’t think tasting notes and wine descriptors are valueless. As someone who loves fine wine, reads about it regularly, and is always looking for suggestions on wines to sample and new insights about wine, I find thoughtful and well written tasting notes extremely valuable. I enjoy writers like Terry Theise for their poeticism, flights of fancy and offbeat insights, and I value authors like Allen Meadows and Stephen Tanzer for their consistency, reliability and focus. My consistent format, focus and terms have worked for me in creating a comparable database of notes, which others also seem to have found useful. I continue to search for descriptors that will make my notes more vivid and accurate in relating my experience of the wine to others. I am also very interested in hearing from my readers as to what you find useful in tasting notes, and what might make them even more useful to you. Continue reading

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2011 Wine Bloggers Conference: Sponsor Programming Heavy, Relevant Content Light

I may not be welcomed back to one of these things in the future after registering here my honest impression of this event. Realistically, though, I wouldn’t want to return if there’s not a major change in the way it’s structured, especially the total domination of the program by activities devoted to the event’s sponsors. But if one or more of us don’t speak up when the organizers go way overboard in selling off the vast majority of the program time to sponsors, what does that say about journalistic values in wine blogging? Continue reading

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Kistler Pinot Noirs Blindtasted: Wines that Polarize the Critics

Kistler Pinot Noirs must be amongst the most polarizing wines for wine critics. Leading critics such as Robert Parker, Allen Meadows and Stephen Tanzer have given them widely disparate scores over the years. Parker was an early proponent of these wines, helping to turn them into cult Pinots with a mailing list that was closed long ago, by repeatedly scoring many of them in the mid to high 90s. The Burghound’s Allen Meadows, on the other hand, has typically given many of the same wines scores in the mid- to high-80s. Stephen Tanzer has scored a number of them in the low 90s. John Gilman rated at least one of the wines we tasted in this blindtasting (’01 Kistler Sonoma Coast) a mere 63 points. Continue reading

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The Suckling: Pomposity and Corruption?

The Suckling is the kind of blow hard, egomaniacal, ethics-less wine world jerk who could start to make Robert Parker look like a saint. Continue reading

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