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Update; Food Pairing & Value Recommendation Links

I am tied up in intense labor negotiations for another week or so. In the meantime, In the meantime, I thought you might be interested in 20 wine recommendation pieces I’ve written for which include both food pairing suggestions as well as some wines I think are great values. Continue reading

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Minerality, Tropical Fruit or Butter? The Styles of Chardonnay

If you like higher acid, more minerally wines, try Chablis, white Burgundy or California Chardonnays from Hanzell, Mount Eden or Rhys. If you are fond of more fruit and sweetness in your wine, try California producers like Kistler, Peter Michael and DuMOL. And if it’s the buttery and toasty taste of oak and general richness you long for, your best bets are Chardonnays from the likes of Aubert and Walter Hansel. Continue reading

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All-Chablis Lunch: Raveneau, Fèvre and Brocard

I love minerally white wines. They are refreshing and delicious on their own, and the perfect accompaniment to a summer meal. The king of minerally white wines is Chablis, at least top premier cru and grand cru Chablises. I was therefore very excited about our monthly Euro lunch this month, with the theme of Chablis from some of Chablis’s great producers. And the king of kings when it comes to minerally white wines is the top grand cru of Chablis, Les Clos. Five of the 13 Chablises we sampled at this lunch were from the Les Clos Grand Cru. Continue reading

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Most Memorable Meal of 2010: Manresa Restaurant

Once in awhile everything comes together for a memorable culinary moment that deserves to be immortalized. In this case, great friends, good wines and awesome food came together for this pre-Thanksgiving dinner, turning it into my most memorable meal of the year. Manresa’s David Kinch is the best chef in the Bay Area, and Manresa Wine Director Jeff Bareilles is the most talented wine director in the Bay Area. It’s fair to say, then, that Manresa is the Bay Area’s best restaurant, and I’ve had numerous fabulous dinners there that would bear that out. This dinner, with a couple of dear friends up from Los Angeles, was the most fabulous yet. Instead of ordering off the menu, we turned the menu over to David, who prepared a series of amuses and dishes for us, while Jeff found wines to match from among the wines we brought, as well as including a couple from Manresa’s list. Continue reading

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Alinea Restaurant Wine Pairings

Alinea is a restaurant in Chicago which opened in 2005. In 2006, it was named the best restaurant in America by Gourmet in its 2006 top 50 feature. As it turned out, the food was phenomenal–as inventive as expected, but also delicious and extremely well presented. The service was intuitive, brilliant and the best I’ve experienced in years. And the wine pairings were very thoughtful, stimulating and, in at least a couple of cases, for me, riveting. Continue reading

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