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Surprising Wine Values at Whole Foods

A lot of people I know refer to Whole Foods as “Whole Wallet” because of its relatively high prices on produce and other food items. I shop there regularly for health supplements and specialty foods I can’t find elsewhere. I am finding, though, that their wine department, stocked with many relatively obscure organic and sustainably grown wines sourced by their buyers from around the world, does contain some relative bargains. Continue reading

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Grocery Store Chardonnay Project

Findings include:
• Very drinkable (86 to 87 point) wines can be obtained for as low as $7-9
• While high QPR (quality price ratio) wines can be found at virtually all price points, the highest rated wines (92 and 91+ points) can be found at the $15-20, $20-25 and $30-and-above price ranges
• The $26-30 range contains surprisingly few highly rated wines
• Three U.S. wine firms are responsible for nearly 17% of these wines, and the top eight wine firms own over 37% of these labels
• Nearly 16% of these grocery store Chardonnays exhibited relatively high residual sugar (sweetness)
• Less than 14% of these wines were bottled under screwcap
• 6% of the wines were affected by TCA and/or oxidation Continue reading

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Moscato Madness: Identifying the Good Stuff

America’s in the midst of a much bigger wine phenomenon than the sudden upswing in Pinot Noir sales following the 2004 release of the movie “Sideways.” Sales of slightly sparkling sweet wines with underlying acidity made from the Muscat grape have exploded over the past two years among younger buyers, especially Millenials—the 21 to 30 age group. Continue reading

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2010 Rosés Part II: Best of Rosé Fest and More

My rosé of the year so far, and the best non-sparkling rosé I’ve ever tasted, with a score of 93 points, is François Chidaine’s Touraine Val de Loire. Not only is it an admirable wine on its own–with complexity, definition and delicacy–it also pairs wonderfully with a great many summery dishes (e.g., from light salads and pastas, to hearty fish soups and veal dishes). It’s also an excellent value at about $14. Continue reading

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Value Wines: 15 Current Top Values

These 15 wines stood out to me in tastings over the past 12 months as particularly good values for their type, and I believe most of these are still available for purchase. As you’ll see below, one is a sparkling wine, 7 represent a diverse array of whites, 4 are Pinots (and I taste more Pinot Noir than anything else, and know just how rare and special a decent bottle of Pinot for under $25 is), while the final 3 are other Reds (2 Syrahs and a Port blend). Continue reading

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