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Saint-Émilion Grand Cru Classé: Delicious Wines, Relative Values

There are delicious wines available from this region for a tiny fraction of the price of the top names. I had a chance recently to taste through wines from a representative sampling of these middle range Saint-Émilion producers, from both the 2010 and 2009 vintages. Both were strong vintages there, and virtually all are delicious, crowd pleasing wines. Lovers of Napa Cabs and Merlots will find themselves very much at home with these wines. And some of the best of this group are available for only $35 to $45 a bottle. Continue reading

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San Francisco Pinot Days: Pinot from All Over

The eighth annual Pinot Days grand tasting visited San Francisco’s Fort Mason Festival Pavilion this past Saturday. This was my sixth year attending the event, and I’ve seen it shrink, particularly over the past couple years, from a two-day-plus extravaganza, featuring several seminars with winemakers in addition to the Sunday grand tasting, to now a single, half-day event on Saturday, without the winemaker seminars. Pinot Days claims to still be the biggest Pinot Noir festival in the world, with over 200 producers and around 500 wines. Nonetheless, this is not the three-day-weekend, wall-to-wall Pinot fest it used to be. Continue reading

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Visit to Varner: Superb Santa Cruz Mountains Chardonnays

I’ve previously written here about the long lived, complex Chardonnays of Mount Eden, and on my blog about the great Chards from Rhys and Ridge. The other Chardonnays from this region in the same league come from a vineyard in Portola Valley planted by identical twin brothers, Bob and Jim Varner. The keys to the Varners’ terrific Chardonnays are meticulous farming and very gentle winemaking techniques. Continue reading

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Stunning 2010 Burgundies: Frederick Wildman Tasting

There’s been a lot of buzz about Burgundy’s 2010 vintage as a very special year for both whites and reds, following on the already much ballyhooed 2009 vintage. This annual trade tasting through Frederick Wildman’s Burgundy producers was my first opportunity to sample a range of 2010s. I was very impressed. Continue reading

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