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Great Burgundy Blindtasted: Domaine Leflaive Bâtard, Leroy, Groffier

David Niederauer has a reputation amongst his wine buddies for doing fun blindtasting dinners, but also for setting up diabolically tricky blind flights, aimed at making us guess wrong and/or extremely wrong. Blindtastings are always a humbling and grounding experience, but many of David’s have been particularly memorable in this respect. For example, he once did a “double-reverse” blinding of four Pinots: when they were unveiled, and we were saying “Oh, I thought it was that” or “Now I can see, I should have guessed that,” he then revealed that he’d decanted the wines back into different bottles, and then gave us a list of what the real wines were. So he’s a great and generous host, but also a tricky guy, and one can count on being fooled at least a couple times when David is behind the brown bags. Continue reading

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