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Australian Wine: Rebooting a Brand

This was an exciting sampling that included many characterful and intensely flavored but balanced wines. Wines like those from BK Wines, First Drop, Ochota Barrels and Sami-Odi had singular and distinct “voices” that made me want to hear a lot more from those producers. Judging not only from my reaction but the general buzz in the room and discussions with colleagues afterwards, I think this event went a long way toward initiating the process of rebranding Aussie wines in this country. Continue reading

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Geek Treat: Sparkling Shiraz at 2012 Hospice du Rhone

Sparkling Shiraz is very much an acquired taste, and no country seems to have acquired the taste except that of its origin, Australia, where it remains highly popular (like Vegemite). It’s not the kind of light and/or minerally sparkler most of us are looking for when we reach for a sparkling wine. It’s often heavy, black fruited and, with a little age, meaty and savory. Those flavors can, however, make it a remarkably good pairing with salumi and charcuterie. Continue reading

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