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Holiday Champagne Buyer’s Guide 2013

I have aimed to emulate John by having a glass of Champagne at least a couple times of week, especially after a trying day. I have to report that it works. It’s a mood lifter and a palate cleanser. It’s hard not to be reminded of all that’s wonderful about life after indulging in a single glass of Champagne as a start to the evening. And Champagne keeps beautifully once you’ve poured out a single glass, better than any other wine I can think of. Continue reading

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Five Tips for Maximum Wine Enjoyment

By following these five simple tips, I guarantee you will get more enjoyment out of your next glass of wine. And I, for one, believe that’s what wine is there for—to be enjoyed, as well as to add to our enjoyment of a meal or special moment. As Benjamin Franklin so wisely wrote in his 1779 letter to the Abbé Morellet, wine is “a constant proof that God loves us, and loves to see us happy.” We owe it to this divine gift to make sure we do what we can to enjoy it to its full potential. Continue reading

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Wine Wednesday: A New Weekly Palo Alto Patch.com Feature

Introducing my new Wine Wednesday blog on PaloAltoPatch.com with a list of what I’m thankful for as a Palo Alto-based wine lover, wine writer and foodie. Continue reading

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Piemonte Winemakers: Olek Bondonio, Andrea Bosco, Davide Germano

This was a fun Friday evening tasting with three very engaging and enthusiastic young winemakers from the Piedmont. All three of them belong to families that have somehow been involved with growing grapes and/or producing wine in the region for a long time, and all three have chose to commit themselves to winemaking. All three are also generally applying traditional methods in the making of Barolo and other typical wines of the region. All three producers are imported by Tanaro River Imports LLC out of Irvine, California. I was particularly impressed with the Olek Bondonio bottlings. The Bosco Barolo La Serra was also quite good. Continue reading

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Intriguing Wine Exotica: Eastern European and Balkans New Releases

How often does one get to try Eastern European wines? The varietal Debit? Wines raised in beeswax lined amphorae? The varietal Refošk? Balkan wine? Here in the otherwise rich and vibrant fine wine world of the San Francisco Bay area, not often enough. So kudos to K&L for doing a Friday evening tasting devoted to current releases from Eastern Europe and the Balkans. I’m not saying any of these are the greatest wines I’ve ever tasted–a couple of them weren’t that good at all. But they were a welcome blast of diversity, featuring some unique vinous flavors and mouth feels, and I enjoyed the experience. Continue reading

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2011 UGC Bordeaux Tasting: 2008 Vintage

My conclusion on the vintage from this tasting is that it is a relatively light vintage that favored the Left Bank, particularly St. Julien and Pauillac. There is less concentration in this vintage than average, and low acidities in many cases (including a number of the Sauternes). For those of us who prefer lighter, more food friendly Bordeaux, there are a number of attractive wines in this vintage that do have good acidity and balance that will afford good early drinking, and that will probably be showing up at pretty reasonable prices, compared to what we’ve been seeing from Bordeaux in recent years. Continue reading

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"Old & Rare" Tasting with ’55 Taylor Port

This fun, end-of-week tasting somehow managed to link my birth year (represented by a ’55 Port) with my introduction to California wine, i.e., my “birth” as a California wine lover. My first visit to Napa as an undergrad in 1976 took us to Louis Martini around the time the ’75 Cab in this tasting was released. On the whole these wines showed well, and most had some historic interest. I especially enjoyed the ’55 Taylor, from magnum, and not only due to the fact that I successfully guessed what it was (it was blind on the tasting sheet, and the label on the bottle was impossible to discern anything from). From just smelling the wine from Anh Thu’s glass when I arrived, I guessed “Taylor, from ’63 or earlier.” Continue reading

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