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Rock Star Champagne Grower-Producers: Serge Mathieu and Chartogne-Taillet

Two stars of my Holiday Champagne Buyers Guide this year–Serge Mathieu and Chartogne-Taillet–are grower-producers whose wines express a sense of place. Both are also terrific values amongst my most highly rated Champagnes this year. Continue reading

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Fabulously Food Friendly and Ageworthy Grüner

Several years back, sommeliers who are always looking for better food pairing wines and preferably something exotic, started putting Grüners on their lists and recommending them to patrons. While many of those early proponents have since moved on to other white wine discoveries, Grüner remains one of the most versatile and food friendly wines around. And excellent examples can be found for $20 and under. Continue reading

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Great Grower Champagnes and other Sparkling Wines for the Holiday Season

Terry’s Estate Selections and the sparkling wines and Champagnes from the WineWise Portfolio that were presented at the tasting event I attended in mid-October include most of the great grower producers: Vilmart, Pierre Péters, H. Billiot, Chartogne-Taillet, Gaston Chiquet, Henri Goutorbe, Jean Milan, Marc Hébrart, A. Margaine and Pierre Gimonnet. These great Champagnes, represented in many cases by the winemaker or a member of the family that owns and runs the domaine, were poured alongside a variety of other sparkling wines. In all, I tasted 87 sparkling wines from 25 producers at this event. These were impressive wines across the board, and a very strong group of producers. Continue reading

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The Wine Tasting Note: Its Role and Value

In sum, I don’t think tasting notes and wine descriptors are valueless. As someone who loves fine wine, reads about it regularly, and is always looking for suggestions on wines to sample and new insights about wine, I find thoughtful and well written tasting notes extremely valuable. I enjoy writers like Terry Theise for their poeticism, flights of fancy and offbeat insights, and I value authors like Allen Meadows and Stephen Tanzer for their consistency, reliability and focus. My consistent format, focus and terms have worked for me in creating a comparable database of notes, which others also seem to have found useful. I continue to search for descriptors that will make my notes more vivid and accurate in relating my experience of the wine to others. I am also very interested in hearing from my readers as to what you find useful in tasting notes, and what might make them even more useful to you. Continue reading

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2010 Vintage Germany and Austria: Terry Theise & WineWise/The Vienna Wine Company Trade Tasting

Besides the high extract levels and high acidity, another feature of this vintage, for me, is the floral character of the noses of many of these 2010s, which I found quite appealing. I think if one chooses carefully, one can find some really good wines from this vintage that should age quite beautifully. My favorite wines in this tasting came from not only some of my usual favorites–Dönnhoff, Joh. Jos. Christoffel, Hiedler, and Selbach-Oster–but also from a number of producers I’m less familiar with: Hexamer, Jakoby-Mathy, Kruger-Rumpf, Meulenhof and Setzer. Continue reading

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