Wine Critics and Other Wine Information Sources

This month’s IntoWineTV episode discusses the relative value of critics, sommeliers and other sources of information about wine, like CellarTracker. You can watch it here. The panel consists of Bartholomew Broadbent, Michael Cervin and yours truly. I look forward to your comments.

4 thoughts on “Wine Critics and Other Wine Information Sources

    1. Tony,Thanks for your insightful cometnms. The old world/new world dichotomy becomes more clear the more wines from both categories that I taste. I believe the difference stems more from winemaking techniques rather than grape variety, soils, and climate (terroir). New world winemakers usually go for higher extraction of flavor components from the grapes, which puts a lot of wine in the bottle and can result in a very impressive display of flavor. Old world winemakers are more restrained, creating wines that are subtle and elegant that you need to pay attention to in order to appreciate what they have to offer. It’s kind of like comparing a woman whose face is heavily, but tastefully, made up with one who uses a minimum of make up. The former can be very attractive, but you really don’t see the person underneath it all. With the latter, you have a better chance of sensing her personality. Highly extracted, jammy wines mask the subtle difference due to terroir and, if you taste several of them at the same time, are pretty much alike.

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